About Me

I have been coaching and mentoring individuals and groups for more than 30 years. Some of this happened while I was a professor, working with undergrad, grad and doctoral students. Some happened during extensive work in the non-profit sector. My desire is to come along side individuals and groups to help them become the best person/leader/contributor they can be!

I love coaching leaders at high levels in an organization. I also love working with people in transition. This can be transition in the areas of career, life and lots of other ways.

I am a Certified Executive Coach. This means I completed a graduate program and received subsequent certification. My program was at Royal Roads University. I also have an M.A. in Leadership. If you want to see a more detailed CV for me, click HERE (CV is very similar to a resumé).

I abide by and coach within the standards and ethics of the International Coach Federation

Most of my coaching is on line but I also coach in person. I have coached leaders all over the world this way. I also work with boards, staff lead teams and other similar groups. You can contact me by email HERE