People Say

What some people have said about me…

I am pleased to endorse Dale Dirksen and his work with our organization. We had invited him to speak to our leadership and lead us in some seminars to help us get a better understanding on an area of our ministry. I appreciated Dale’s willingness to customize his discussions to address our specific situation and his desire to see us grow as an organization. Non-profit leader

I am so thankful for the coaching and mentoring of Dale Dirksen. Like many others who serve in the church, my path has not been easy. Along the way, Dale has been there as voice of encouragement and compassion in the midst of some very troubling times. Dale listens and helps you to discover what is happening in you and through you. He helps you understand your circumstances as a person who has tremendous insight born from years of experience in many different ministry settings. Through it all, his care and coaching in my life as helped me to persevere in the call that I love so much! My eyes and heart continue to be lifted up as this life-giving relationship has endured over time and distance. Church leader 

I recall Dale’s work with our Board. He helped us identify our leadership structure and gave us models which served as examples of effective leadership. I would characterize his work with these descriptive words: well researched; thoughtful; balanced; compassionate; and clearly communicated. Non-profit leader

Dale’s mentoring has been a tremendous help to me in my leadership development. I have benefited from his giftedness in being able to pass on many nuggets of wisdom gained through his extensive experience and lifelong learning. While taking a personal interest in my life, Dale has also helped me think more critically about why I do what I do. Organizational leader

As a coach I always felt Dale challenged me to pursue solutions that were beyond the common or obvious. Never was I given the easy road or told outright what I should be doing.  Instead Dale created a positive environment in which I could explore and discover the answers I needed for myself and my leadership. College professor

Dale Dirksen made a significant impact in my life as a mentor. Life lessons that I learned from him about integrity and servanthood (especially the principle of honoring your commitments) continue to inform the way that I approach life, work. Church leader