About Coaching

What Coaching is: Coaching involves coming along side someone and helping them find their own way.
What Coaching Is Not: Coaching is not telling people what to do.

What I Do…

Executive Coaching
The focus of this kind of coaching is to come along side leaders at the highest levels of an organization. The purpose is to help you the leader navigate the challenges in leadership at this level. I don’t tell people what to do. I help people find their own path. When I work with you as a leader, I assume you are the expert in your life. My job is to provide perspective and accountability to succeed in the path you have chosen.

Transition coaching
There are many kinds of transition in life. Career change, career start, and career end are just a few. I have had a lot of success in helping people choose between good options and chart a path for the next season of their lives.

I love to see organizations work effectively to accomplish their vision and mission. Often an outside voice can be very helpful to align vision, mission and practice. I help organizations with this. I have worked extensively in the non-profit sector and have affordable rates for these kinds of organizations. Contact me for more about this.

I am also available for mentoring but this is quite different than coaching. See below:

Clarity: the client becomes clear about values, strengths, short comings and of what is possible for them
Innovation: the client comes away with new ways of thinking about a situation or opportunity
Energy: the client owns the new insight with passion and has a pathway to action

Mentoring (may include…)
Advice: the mentee processes verbally with an expectation that there may be advice
Validity: the mentee presents his or her assumptions and worldview to be confirmed, challenged or changed
Perspective: the mentee asks for the mentor’s view of them and their problem